Dekai – Alchemies + Geometries

DAMN SON!’s very own progressive retrostep connoisseur Dekai takes us on a metaphysical journey with his latest release Alchemies & Geometries.

Continuing to push the boundries and explore mashing of genres he deftly maneuvers from dark progressive, ambient and downtempo straight to dub-step, house and then back again.  Attentive listeners will find poly-melodies, brooding ambience and hypnotic soundscapes along with progressions that resolve in long complicated yet approachable sections.

Take the time to sit down and take a deep listen, this is an out of body experience converted into music. This is a journey and longing for higher frequencies and knowledge. There is so much more to reality and this EP pays tribute to the uncharted beauty of the planes we rarely experience.

No one else remotely sounds like Dekai, its that simple.

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